HOW TO: Easily Create a Custom Landing Tab For Your Facebook Page With Static HTML WYSIWYG Editor

Preface: This information is for Facebook Business Pages only – NOT Facebook Personal Profiles or Groups.

Using a custom landing tab on your Facebook Business Page is a great way to get new “Likers.” It gives you an opportunity to tell people why they should “Like” your page and what type of information they can expect to receive. With a strong incentive and call-to-action, your Facebook Business Page will receive many more “Likes” than those who do not use a custom landing tab.

So, here is some awesome news about customizing your own Facebook tabs! Since FBML was replaced with iframes, the ability to add custom tabs to your Facebook Page has been a daunting task for the non-code savvy Facebook marketer. While there are great third-party providers out there such as FanPageEngine offering do-it-yourself template solutions, I’m about to show you a way to do it yourself right from Facebook… Enter the Static HTML App!

The Static HTML Facebook App is a FREE WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tab editor which gives you the ability to customize your own tabs with no more knowledge required than skills you already possess for creating word docs.

Let’s take a look at how this works.

First, you’ll need to install the Static HTML app. To do so go to: After the routine verification and confirmation process, you are ready to start building and editing your Facebook tab.

Next, you will need to register your Page.

Static HTML App Register


Once you’ve registered your Page, the name of your page will appear in the top section, “List of Faecbook Pages using Static HTML.” Now you are ready to click on “Edit” and start creating!

Static HTML App Edit Page

There are two editing modes from which you can choose: WYSIWYG and HTML mode. Since this post is for the non-coders we’ll choose WYSIWYG.

Static HTML App WYSIWYG Edit Mode

Now you will see two different sections to edit. Another great benefit of the Static HTML App is that it allows you to create what is known as a Fan Gate. This means that in order for people to see the content on your tab, they first need to “Like” your Page. This can be a great way to get more people to “Like” your Page if the incentive is enticing enough. If you would like to enable this feature, simply select the radio button, “If users have not liked, below content will be shown.” If you do not wish to create a Fan Gate, select “Always show upper content” and then everyone, regardless of whether or not they “Like” your Page will always see the same content.

Static HTML App Fan Gate

Now you are really ready to edit and create your custom tab! Remember what we said earlier, this process is extremely similar to creating a document in your word processor. You write your content and modify the fonts (size, family, format, color, and background color). Standard editing features like Align, Bullets and Numbers, Bold, Italic, and Underline are also available.

Try spicing up your tab by adding an image or two!

Static HTML App Editing Add Image

You can also add hyperlinks to your text and images if you want to drive traffic to your other sites/content. Make sure to always choose to open your links in a New Window so that it is easy for people to return to the page where they started.

Static HTML App Editing Add Hyperlink

Once you are done designing your tab, click “Update” to save your changes.

Static HTML App Update

Next, click “return to the homepage.”

Static HTML App Return to Homepage

Now you need to Add the app to your Page.

Static HTML App Add to Page

Static HTML App Add Static HTML

After clicking “Add Static HTML,” you will be redirected to your Facebook Page. You will now see the Static HTML app listed on the left-hand side of your Page in the tab menu.

Static HTML App in Tabs Menu

If you’d like to rename the tab to reflect its content you can do that by editing the app through your Edit Page settings.

Click on Edit Page in the upper right hand corner of your Page and then select the Apps setting.

Edit AppsNext, locate the Static HTML App and click on “Edit Settings” where you can edit the name of the tab.

Edit Tab Name

Congratulations! You have created your very own custom Facebook landing tab! Unfortunately, this app will only create one tab, so if you require more than one custom tab check out FanPageEngine‘s iframe creator!

Happy Facebooking!


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